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  1. geezer
    geezer Mike Blue
    Hi Mike, re your comment about inertia...I got the influenza -b...Bad enough to go to the ER and observation, but the "Tamiflu" prescribed jacked the effect of the Warfarin to new heights..8+ INR and so another stay in ER and Observation. Still juggling the INR.. Fun of age, doncha know?
    Be well and I hope the "Tamiflu" info can be of service to you and those around you.
    Be well and prosper!
  2. 32t
    One rung up!
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  3. Randolph Tuttle
  4. Randolph Tuttle
    Randolph Tuttle RezDog
    I have found my graver's that were given to me years ago. Would you have time to answer a few questions about them?
    They are made by muller.
  5. Newcreature
  6. Newcreature
    Newcreature Jamie Mahoney
    Hope you are doing well Sir.... I have a question if you don't mind concerning Japanese Razors I notice that you have some very nice ones. Where is a good place to find some and is there any particular ones to stay away from. I currently have a Lone Wolf and a Towa frameback and I Love them both.
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    2. Jamie Mahoney
      Jamie Mahoney

      There are some very good sellers to be found on eBay Japanese sellers, plus the BST section on shaving forums, the brands to look out for Iwasaki Towa, H Diamond, HoshiTombo, Tanifuji, Parker, and many more condition is everything this applies to all vintage razors.

      Feb 27, 2018
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  7. geezer
    geezer Mike Blue
    Hello Mike! I am very happy to see you posting here. The piece of your Damascus which you gave to me or that I won back at the last get together at your shop is now forged/ ground into two razors by our friend Bruno. One is for Rolodave Waterfill and the other is coming to me.
    ~Richard Penney
    1. Bruno
      I forged the blanks earlier. Now they are waiting to be ground. I noticed that there was a cold shut in the damascus, but I do not think it is going to be running in the edge area so it should be good.
      I am going to do the grinding and HT, and then I am going to ship them to Dave for sanding, etching etc.
      Feb 28, 2018
  8. geezer
    geezer Addison
    Hello Addison! I am pleased with the progress that you have made over the last year in your posts and comments.Thank you! I hope your health and life improve! Be well and prosper!
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    2. Addison
      Thank You Geezer. Have A Fantastic Kinda Day, Best regards, Ty
      Feb 25, 2018
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    3. Sharptonn
      Hey Ty!
      Feb 26, 2018
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  9. Bruno
    T- 3 days. Leaving on Sunday. Will post pics along the way.
  10. ScottGoodman
    Really looking forward to seeing some of you guys at Charlies!
  11. Outback
    I have no use for anything dull in my life
  12. niftyshaving
    Just loafing from time to time.
  13. geezer
    I am still around and hoping that I can be of service to other old pharts and some younger ones.
    1. Bruno
      And we're glad to have you here!
      Jan 18, 2018
  14. niftyshaving
    I discovered it takes longer to make a good loaf of sourdough than hone a dull razor then shave with it.
  15. ScottGoodman
    Pleased to see the members numbers rising!
    1. Bruno
      Same here brother
      Jan 18, 2018
  16. Bruno
    2018 Arriving shortly!
  17. geezer
    Still on the polanet!
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    2. Bruno
      Good to see you around! Make yourself at home. :)
      Dec 26, 2017
  18. ScottGoodman
    Coffee & caramel protein shake, perfect breakfast!
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  19. Bruno
    Heat and beat, stack and whack.
  20. Jerry Peevey