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    Two New in from Lee....

    Hey Tc, one is a Finest for some scrub, and the other is a Super Badger, which used to be what Lee called, "Blonde" if I'm not mistaken..... You got a #4 with the D01-2 coming...if you like a really scrubby brush, this one will spoil you forever....hands down my favourite brush much...
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    Two New in from Lee....

    Still up the coffee off my monitor...leave it to me...rush right in and too poor to pay attention....what 30 posts in to stick my foot in it.....:-) Hilarious Tom and thanks a million for the laugh...I needed that.....:-)
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    Two New in from Lee....

    Damn....well I popped this cherry anyway...and they're not for sale....roflmao.....hahahaha.....thanks this is funny....great laugh....:-)
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    Two New in from Lee....

    Ha...I get to pop this cherry for this section of WSW....yehaaa! Just arrived, these two beauties from Lee, gorgeous Green and colourful Coral...absolute perfection from the master as always. Morris & Forndran x 2....:-)
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    kicking me off

    Been going through the site, this software is pretty nice, shows your avatar if you've responded to a post, once some more meat get's on this site will be super nice....great job guys.
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    Trial: Image uploading enabled

    Thanks - got it and first SOTD since the winter began, and only here.....:-)
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    Trial: Image uploading enabled

    Just found this thread...maybe because I haven't posted enough yet I can't upload images? Just tried to post my SOTD and could only link to an outside source.....thanks for any help guys.... :-)
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    You're right, we need one here....first SOTD for me in about 3 months.... Westholme Strop ~ White Dog Scuttle ~ Shavemac ~ Oleo Shiloh ~ Nivea Cream Wade & Butcher, The Celebrated Hollow Ground Razor, For Barber's Use
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    new from Washington state

    Good to see you.....:-)
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    Thanks glenn

    Good to see you Tom, great to have a nice clean spot to visit.....
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    Well look at the crowd here

    Hey Dave - yup, lots of info is making it's way over here....and thinking the site will be rocking the way it used to be. Just place a browser marker for this site (why don't I want to use the term "place" lol) right on my browser toolbar.... Weather has been so bad here, haven't managed to...
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    Me and my truck say hello.

    Welcome to the forum....can see a great future for this site....or as I call it, "The Drama Free Zone".....LOL
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    Soaps & Creams

    I've got two large drawers full of soaps, and it's starting to get a tad overwhelming...I've already "shower stalled" about 8 or 9...but I know if I ditch day I'll want to try it again...sigh...what a sad life of a SAD person. It's nice to be able though to wade through the piles...
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    I've got two from Lee arriving any day now...he finally made me two colourful brushes....can't wait to see em!!!
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    Brother - good to hear from you - been a long time - you were one of the first to give me a helping hand at SRP many moons ago...great to see you.:-)