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    Damascus chef

    LOL, I saw the topic, and was hoping for food in tin foil suspended over a forgue Greate work !!!
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    razor sharp

    correct, I have been able to feel sight temp variation in the rest on the blade while holding it. It is very difficult just to get the edge on a hone so that is why I said "... leave the blade in one spot"
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    razor sharp

    possible , most bench grinds roate 3500 RPM, now you can add a potentiometer to slow it down, or you could get a variable speed grinder and pay more then it would cost just to add a potentiometer inline. You could still overheat it by leaving the blade in one spot for too long, but if it...
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    razor sharp

    Thank you, and on a side note I have been looking into spyderco knives, but I am not sure if they have a lifetime warranty. Ie: in 10 years the liner lock fails, would they cover it, or the clip screws fallout int 2 years. would you know if this would be covered(assuming you have sent in for...
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    razor sharp

    I have been doing some reading and this system is used in stores that offer a sharpening service to it's customers. the razorsharp sharpening system...
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    Work in progress thread

    ahh, I saw where you said you made it twice , i was hoping for two razors:cool:
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    Work in progress thread

    nice work, if the other one is feeling lonely, and you just can't find him a home , feel free to send him my way. :p
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    Cast Iron / Carbon Steel Cooking

    and it prevents boil over, but don' add oil , the sauce won't hold to the pasta.
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    Work in progress thread

    great, job. I will take one for the team, and volunteer to test shave them (FYI the post leaving the US is REAAAALY slow) but newer fear you won't get them back right away. :p
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    Shop Tips and Tricks

    wouldn't any pressure on (even more rare than the rare earth magnets) , the razor, cause it to bend while in the slots being sanded? wouldn't rare earth magnets in a piece of wood without slots be better to hold the blade in place with less chance for damage?
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    Off Topic

    Lol, did you bring up the topic of his first shave, and how it should be a straight razor. gotta get them before Gillette :p you should give him a bit of a hard time next time you see him just for fun "relax , I won't hurt you.... yet"
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    Trial: Image uploading enabled

    I have only had that problem directly from my phone , and assumed it was due to the resolution
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    @RSSO, that's your Que, we're shootin the pilot episode "Five Finger Blade Discount .... staring Rsso "nice knowing you, the snails are real killers " " :-)
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    Reducing brush loft

    He must have HUGE hands :eek: