Mission statement

Wet Shavers Workshop is a community dedicated to the crafts involved in making things related to wet shaving.

So why did we start a new forum? . You might ask why we decided there might be a need for a new Forum especially considering that we have been on Straight Pazor place for over a decade. We both started out in the Restoration side on Straight Razors a little over 10 years ago. We spent time working on and building up the workshop forums on not only SRP but a couple of other online forums as well.

"what would our dream Forum look like" is a topic we discussed a few times over the years and finally we decided to take a leap of faith and open a Workshop dedicated Forum. Craftsmen, Restorers, Makers, if you have a love of working on fixing making designing all things wet shaving related, then this is the forum for you. Steel, Stones, Scales, Brushes, Bowls, Stands, let's talk about it all.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the Welcome Mat Forum I am sure many will be familiar faces but we hope to invite quite a few people from all over the web. Take the time to share stories and pictures of success's and failures ask questions give answers. The forum will hopefully grow and expand, please let us know of any ideas in the Suggestions forum, and Yes the first 2 suggestions are always a BST and a Vendor system we are planning on those.

Bruno & Glen

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