32t's propane forge build

Discussion in 'The Forge' started by 32t, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    Did not go to Wisconsin today. Wednesday I will then I will let you know the diameter of the pipes i have.
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  2. 32t

    32t New Member

    Another question popped into my head.

    How do you paint the inside of a small bore of blanket. Paint it in by hand, with your hand?

    Mine needs at least 4" to get my hand in it.
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  3. Charlie Lewis

    Charlie Lewis New Member

    I use a chip brush taped to a paint stirring stick. The end of the stirrer stick without the brush works well for smoothing and putting cement in the cavity.
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  4. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    There are also brushes for painting central heating radiators. They have long handles and have the brush head at a 45 degree angle.
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  5. 32t

    32t New Member

    I met my friend at archery tonight that is a tool and die maker. He is fine tuning a forge that he built. I always give him a hard time that he makes things with to close of tolerances. I showed him a picture of Charlies forge with bricks for the opening. He liked it and used that design. He was laughing at himself that the bricks fit perfectly when closed but then How do you get something in between them to open them!

    He offered to roll some sheet metal for me on the roller he built. 8" is the smallest diameter that it works well on. I am going to check my sheet metal stash in detail now.

    I know it will work if he made it.

    Sort of related, the picture is myself driving and him in the rear on a 1/3rd scale 1915 case tractor that he rolled the wheels for when making it!

    chris trac3.jpg
  6. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    I remember at Charlie's I used the beak of those pick-up tongs (the dainty ones :D ) to slide between the bricks and move them apart by dimply opening the beak.
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  7. Charlie Lewis

    Charlie Lewis New Member

    The bricks are coated with refractory so they do not mate up perfectly, so there is always a small gap. I use the "dainty tongs" also.

    Thanks Bruno, now I know what to call those tongs :)
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  8. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    Paint sticks .....
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