A couple of projects after the Texas meet

Discussion in 'Knives' started by 32t, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. 32t

    32t Member

    To keep myself on the ball and get things done I am going to show a couple of things I got down in Texas.

    The top one is a Wootz blade I got from Bruno. I am not sure that it is the one he posted in an earlier thread but it looks the same. My job is to put a handle on it. All I know at this time it will have to incorporate some sort of glow in the dark material.

    The second is a piece I got from Scott that is 1095 sandwiched between 410 stainless. I am thinking with this material and my skills at this time a knife blade is a good choice for this.

    Any thoughts and comments are welcome. If I don't post anything new in a short time please give me a hard time and tell me to get my rear in gear!

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  2. Sharptonn

    Sharptonn Member

    Get after it, Tim! ;)
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  3. Gasman

    Gasman Show me that again!

    Nice project. I think I'd finish the knife then start on the other. But, no slacking. I hope to see some progress by this weekends end! :cool:
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  4. Dave

    Dave ^^^That guy

    Git er dun!!!!!!

    way to go Tim
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  5. geezer

    geezer Member

    Enjoy the process! After the blades find a home, that is what you take with you!
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  6. RezDog

    RezDog Member

    I have a similar knife project at home. Mine also needs a handle and honing. I have had mine on the project board for a while. I hope yours gets done faster.
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  7. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    If you enjoy glow in the dark, there are blocks of burl and glow in the dark hybrid materials. Resinwood or shokwood.
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  8. 32t

    32t Member

    Glow in the dark can be fun and after giving you a hard time about one of your projects I want to incorporate at least a little of it in this.
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  9. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    and your progress is ............ ?
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  10. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Aye. Now we're getting curious here Tim.
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  11. 32t

    32t Member

    They have moved about 1 inch over on the shelf.....:(
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  12. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    Aha! I thought so, you probably been spending all your time with them bee's again , right ! :)
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  13. 32t

    32t Member

    Bees, just got back from a 6 day fishing trip and it is Morel season! Made 3 lbs of Ramp butter early last week and my wife pickled some when I was gone.

    Variety is the spice of life but I many times feel a little jealous of people that can focus and get obsessed with one thing.

    I did pull out some bone slabs that I think would look good but still need to get something that is glow in the dark for the middle.
  14. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

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  15. 32t

    32t Member

    That blue glow looks sort of fun!

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