A Nest of Dragons

Discussion in 'Razors' started by Bruno, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Bruno

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    That sounds almost like an episode of Game of Thrones...

    Anyway, I had a request to make a matched pair of Draco Nobilis razors. One in Damascus, the other in Wootz. Due to the home renovation this project took half a year to finish, but I finally got it done. the scales on both are the Starlight Neon Green kirinite.

    The wootz was a bit of a dilemma. The damascus razor is pretty dark, and I wanted to make the wootz dark as well. But that left the pattern hard to see. You can clearly see the hamon, but the wootz pattern itself is hard to see. I know it is there because during the early stage of the ethc it was clear as day, but as the blade got darker, so did the pattern.

    I asked the customer if he wanted the blade dark, but with the pattern not that clear, or with a crisp pattern, but much lighter. He preferred the dark blade so that is what I went with.


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  2. Maladroit

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    Hi Bruno, these blades are not strictly to my taste but they show your skills to great effect. The image of the hamon is also a tribute to your photographic work as it can be very hard to capture subtle features like that.
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  3. Dave

    Dave ^^^That guy

    Way to go Bruno. You never cease to amaze me and your work shows the true craftsman that you are
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  4. paul76

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    Both of those razors look amazing Bruno! Great work as always.

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