Added a shaving gear BST


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Hey guys, we've added a subsection in the BST where you can buy, sell or trade your shaving gear. I'll post a sticky there shortly with some ground rules. But like our site rules, it all boils down to 'don't be an ass'.


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well I have found it does my heart good when I pass one on to someone in need, I used to keep some old vintage restored and fresh honed around for new guys to either try or gift. plus the give away dude on SRP relly does a great job so I visit him every now and then,,, but where is this BST? I didn't see it Tc

besides I didn't want to grow so big I had to sell guns out of my safe,, that I cant do


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The idea is a bit that if more people start dropping by, there is a place here for them. You guys have already arrived at the place where you know what you want and not want. I remember in the beginning I used the other BST to buy and sell different things. I'd buy a full hollow or two, a half hollow, a wedge, a 5/8, a 6/8, a 7/8, ... and then sell them again and try something else. Imo that was the biggest value of the BST: a place where you could easily move through a lot of things to try them out, without running through too much money.


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Great! Thanks Bruno. It will be a needed thread. Are you going to limit give-aways? Like if I had a soap I didn't like I could post up... Who Wants It? And it wont be against any rules? There are pluses and minuses in doing this. It seems to bring in filks just looking for freebies but its a nice way to clear the clutter.


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thanks for the opportunity Bruno! i normally buy and sell from and in different forums.. like you said always trying to rotate my razors to try new stuff (especially new brands! :)) but by all means, i think the best we can do is have a support for new members that have access to good honed razors, good quality brushes and strops, stones, soaps, etc... that are an option to buy all new when starting and not being ripped off or scammed in ebay or other unknown sources.

over all i think main goal is for anyone thinking on posting items to offer good, quality stuff.. it's the responsibility of the most experiences users (that are selling) to take care of the new folks and make sure their invested is a GOOD investment.

It feels great to be able to recommend a new guy to go to the BST and buy a razor instead of buying from someone in ebay because you KNOW that any razor posted there will be a SAFE bet and a GOOD investment :)... and knowing that you are givng a good advise to that person that is just starting.

my 2 cents.