After a year using hot water

Discussion in 'Straight Razor Shaving' started by niftyshaving, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. niftyshaving

    niftyshaving New Member

    After a year of cold water only lathering and shaving I have
    turned on the hot water tap.

    Yes I had hot water but just decided that I wanted to explore cold water shaving.

    The first hot water shave found my boar brushes much more flexible and happy
    making lather. My face and whiskers hardly noticed but building a good lather
    was a lot easier.

    My impatient day DE razor rinsed cleaner and might have slightly better glide.
    Open blade str8s seemed about the same.

    But since I am a fan of "latherin" I think I will stick with the hot water for lathering.

    All good shaves begin with a good lather.
  2. verndahl

    verndahl AKA tintin

    Having always used hot water, switching to cold (which i have tried) just seems wrong. Kind of like eating cold soup, or a cold hamburger. Glad you have finally seen the light :)
  3. MotoMike

    MotoMike New Member

    cold water. I've tried. just not what I want in a shave. ruins it for me.
  4. niftyshaving

    niftyshaving New Member

    Well I tried it in the heat of the hot and muggy summer and then it did feel nice and cool.
    I kept it as a constant and worked on my honing skills (as a shaver not honemaster).
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  5. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    I have found that much more than lather or the temperature, it matters if I had a shower / bath.
    If I've spent time in a hot shower or bath, I can shave effortlessly with water, cream, soap, etc.
    But if I haven't, then the shave sucks always.
  6. Shawn

    Shawn New Member

    I have to have a shower first also. Then I use cool water in the summer and warm in the winter. Never really got into cold water shaving, but I don't like it real warm after working in the heat all day in the summer.
    If I don't shower first then no matter what I do, it feels more like waxing than shaving.
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