An Arkansas touch up

Discussion in 'Hones and Honing' started by Maladroit, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Maladroit

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    Just put a Bengall 5/8 and a little Red Imp 132 wedge over a hard black Arkansas. They were shaving pretty well but not spectacularly. I've often found that a session on the Arkansas with Smiths honing solution does the trick. How many strokes? Hard to say but nothing like the several hundred that some others have recommended. I've found good effects from less than 60 or 80 strokes. Other opinions welcome;)
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  2. paul76

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    I haven’t used a hard black Arkie yet but I know that with the trans Arkie it really helps to use my cnat finisher first for the fastest edge, shaves of a few hundred strokes. My Arkie isn’t fast but works amazingly well.
  3. Longhaultanker

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    When I sit with any of my Arkansas True Hard stones, I don’t count strokes, I measure by minutes. I put on a favorite 30-60 minute show and commence.

    As I’ve written on that other “place” there is no scientific, geological difference between the Translucent and Hard Black, only color is the difference. There may be slight differences between individual stones, but that would be incidental, anecdotal.

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