Any interest in stainless?


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My steel will be deliverd next week. I have to be at home to receive it, because it isn't delivered by a parcel service but by a shipping truck :D
I talked with the Uddeholm sales rep, and I am in fact their smallest customer. My order is literally not important to them at all. Very occasionally, they sell some small quantity to a knifemaker if he has a tax number. Other than that, they sell in industrial quantities. But he told me that they actually enjoy it at Uddeholm when a knifemaker is passionate about using this high performance steel or that.

Mike Blue

I remember ordering some Uddeholm drops of 1mm shim stock in 15N20. It arrived on a shipping truck as an 380 Kg coil strapped up tight. It was heat treated to Rc 45 as manufactured.

I learned a great deal the day that I cut the simple steel banding strap holding that coil still...

I hope yours comes in bars Bruno.