I tried their grease that came with the starter pack I got. Seemed to collect more than prevent. Worst part is the adhesive is still bright red and clean.

There is a serious gap at the joint after that little bit of work though. Almost seems like the adhesive is preventing the ceramic from further exposing after the first part breaks off.

Either way, they just aren't impressing me.

Going to go with tru-grit again, but will play with a couple different brands I think since they don't have a minimum quantity requirement. That way I can get one or two of each until I figure out what I'm going to like.

I'll have to hunt back through YouTube also. I saw a video a while ago where someone was doing a side by side comparison on a bunch of identical blanks.
If I find it again I'll post it here for you guy's thoughts as well.


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I tried the VSM kx885y in 24 and 36g and wasn’t happy with them. I really haven’t found a belt I like better than the blaze plus. The prices are going up though. Priced out my normal order and it’s easily 25% more than the last time ordered end of last year.

The VSM doesn’t last very long and they groove easily which isn’t good for a hollow grinding. I use the ones I have left for profiling but they shed like a Labrador in spring.