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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by 32t, May 12, 2018.

  1. 32t

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    I am not an avid bird watcher but I was watching a Magnolia Warbler from my back steps this afternoon.

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  2. RezDog

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    I do love watching birds. I do not have the inclination to identify them. They are pretty and sometimes their behaviour is also amusing. There are a lot of birds that migrate through here and a lot of resident birds.
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  3. geezer

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    My little riverside park has a great sample of uppity ducks, geese, gulls, most fly-catching birds and a few kamikaze crows. All great to hear and watch while taking a break from reading.
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  4. 32t

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    I went for a drive today to check my bees and the most notable bird I noticed was the Red-Winged blackbird. Many of them along the road as I was driving.

    Many others from Turkeys to Turkey Vultures.

    Sitting in the valley that my land is in my wife commented that although you sit and hear many different birds singing we don't see that many. Or at least as many as it sounds like!

    They are hanging around in the canopy or the dense underbrush.
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  5. RezDog

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    KThey often each seem to have a time of day that they feel comfortable being in the open. When I was in Costa Rica it was very obvious. Here I see it too but not nearly as well defined. Along the back of my yard there is a 6’ high chain link fence, and to hide it I planted honey suckle. It does a good job of that and I try to keep it trimmed to about 30” deep off the fencing on my side. The little birds love that dense bush during the day and very early in the morning they can be seen on the lawn near by. I also have a crows nest in the tree behind my shed. It’s good to see many. I put water out for them in the summer and a small pool attracts the big birds too.
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  6. 32t

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    My neighbor has a post in his back yard that he has water to for a hose connection in the summer. They have a bird bath with a needle valve and a tube that does a very slow drip into the water from about 1 foot up. That little splash from the water seems to make a big difference.
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