Change in ownership


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Glen and I have decided to part ways as WSW owners. Glen hasn't been able to put much time into WSW due to other priorities, and stepping down as owner was the logical course of action. No backroom drama. Just life :) Glen is still a member here.

I am grateful to Glen for being there with me when we created this place. At the time there was a lot going on, and being with 2 made all the difference.

That said, from a practical point of view, nothing is going to change. WSW will go on as it has so far.


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Good bad or indifferent this sounds like a good discussion in Texas.
That's a good idea. Should be plenty of time to find a moment to sit back in one of those comfy leather chairs and have a discussion. :)


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I would like to participate more, and going forward will. Taking it easy around the house I can check in once in a while now.

Before when I was working so much I had more time in front of the computer, now that I scaled back I find it hard to find the time as after 40+ years in the oil patch I was away for most of that time in one state or country. Now that I am home I have so much to make up for so it’s been very busy. This ailment that got me a couple of weeks ago has let me catch up here. Thanks to you Bruno for keeping it up and thanks to Glen for his presence here too.

SRP is still home for me, yet I haven’t given it much time either, but over there it’s been about my tolerance for clowns, so I stay in the mentors only thread mostly, cause I like them. Hope you can keep it going and interesting


At this point in time ....
To absolutely make sure nobody starts rumors hehehe

Bruno and I are still tight, we have been friends for so many years, and worked together at SRP both the forum and the FB page

But we all only have so much time in the day. :(

I will be bouncing in from time to time especially when I actually get time to work with a few razors I am making as this is place has some of the best Steel bangers in the business :p