Damascus 6/8 razor blade

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    Not sure if this will find a buyer here but I figured I might as well ask here first before I find an alternative venue for posting it, and offer it at a friendly price.

    Long story short, I made a 6/8 razor in damascus. When I forged it, I cut the billet just a little too small. As a result I had to really squeeze during forging, and the pattern is not what I wanted it to be. It also doesn't have the same amount of 'action' on both sides.

    So rather than finish it myself, I figured I'd see if someone fancied a damascus blade at a sharp price. Better pics can be provided upon interest if need be. This is just a cellphone pic after etching and oiling to show what the hollows look like in terms of pattern. I realize the tang is very dark and I can provide better pics but there is no point in doing that right now (it's way past midnight) if people don't like the hollows to begin with. My day is done. time to throw back a shot of something flammable and get ready to tuck in. :)

    Price is 250 USD + shipping.
    To give a reference: normally my unfinished carbon steel blades run 200 + shipping.
    My normal damascus razors go 700+

    68_Back.jpg 68_Front.jpg
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    I like the show side pattern
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    Tempted .... :)
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