DCBlades 6/8” Esmeralda Navalla


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Fresh of the bench this week is the DCBlades 6/8” Esmeralda Navalla (Emerald razor)
O1 tool steel
hand forged then ground
3 normalising cycles
Heat treated from 815c into 40c Houghton Q oil
2 x 2 hours tempering cycles at 250c for a targeted 59HRC, similar to vintage Sheffield steels
3/4 hollow ground
With custom resin scales & G10 wedge
Stainless steel pins & washers

Thanks for looking



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Do you often make 6/8 sized razors?
Most of what I do is around 15/16. This is partially because when playing with patterned steel, the bigger size allows for more pattern visibility.


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No not often mate, this is a dedicated head shaver & requested it at 6/8"
I prefer making the over 6/8" sizes but it was requested even though I believe a vintage would be more suited,
at the end of the day the process is the same but use a smaller wheel to achieve the same hollow effect
and less meat to absorb heat when grinding