Don't try this at home


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If you are going to do destructive testing, then PLEASE
  • Wear gloves
  • Wear a face shield
  • cover the knife with a heavy towel or a leather apron
I have met this guy in person and he does excellent work. But testing like this without regard for safety is something that can end in disaster if the knife should shatter.

And never hack at a piece of wood that you are holding so close in your hand. Several times he almost hit his thumb / hand.



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Had i known he was going to ruin the knife anyway i wouldn't have worried about him using the anvil as a chopping block. The bending test was a real nail biter though, i was waiting for it to snap and hit him or the camera man.


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I don't know. I think this is the performance test for becoming an ABS journeyman.
But usually people do them with knives that have received zero aesthetic work because there is no reason to make it pretty.


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I don't know about the cutting paper after bending, but the ABS journeyman is to cut a hanging 1 inch rope, chop a 2x4 in half and still shave arm hair, then survive a 90 degree bend without breaking. There also need to be 5 (I think, maybe 4) other knives made and presented for fit and finish judging.

I don't have any issue with the tests themselves that he did, but as you said Bruno, wear some safety gear and use your head.