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  1. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    From now, you can choose how to log in on this site. You can either use the original login system with a username and password that is specific to this site, or you can use your Facebook account.

    If you are a new user, you can click 'Facebook login' and then choose a Forum nickname and click 'register'. That's all.

    If you already have a user account here, you can click 'Facebook Login' and associate your Facebook account with your existing forum account.

    The 2 main reasons for doing this: giving new users an easier way to sign up, and making it easier for people in our Facebook group to participate here.
  2. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

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  3. 32t

    32t Member

    Showing my ignorance but I am not on facebook. But if I post here am I posting on facebook?
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  4. cangooner

    cangooner New Member

    Nope. Facebook might be giant evil data-miners, but they're not that good yet. :)

    That having been said, if one were to log in anywhere with a facebook login, I'd be willing to bet somewhere someone is tracking something. So personally I don't use my facebook login on other sites, but I don't worry about posting on other sites that use facebook login. YMMV, etc., and so on.
  5. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    No absolutely not. We have activated the FB login system, nothing more.

    Let me explain it like this: when you signed up here, the software used your email address to verify that you were 'someone'. Now it can also use your FB account for that. On top of that, FB is a global authentication provider. This means that for those accounts that are linked, you can login via FB.

    The software here doesn't have your FB login of course. Instead, what happens is that our software contacts FB, and asks: This user of yours wants to use our site. And this is our personal website identifier. Has he logged into FB coming from this place? And if not, can you please log him in? In reality there is a lot of security protocol stuff going on, but that is the gist.

    Nothing you do here is posted on FB. But as cangooner said: this service is free. And we all know that nothing in life is free, so I am pretty sure that if you have FB and you use this site via your FB account, then they may just track how many times you visit here (login via this board) in order to tailor what ads they show you on your FB timeline. And if you don't have FB, then none of this applies.
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