Hand forged barbecue knife


AKA tintin
Here's another one of my creations, a barbecue knife. What's a barbecue knife you might ask? With my method of barbecuing I tell the proper doneness of the meat with a simple cut with the good old Leatherman multitool. Not any more! It started out as a piece of broken car spring i found on the road during a summer bike ride. As only the second knife like object i ever made it turned out functional. When i first started forging i was thinking of making it into a hole punch but than i turned into a free style barbecue knife (by that i mean i didn't have any definite plan). I anealed and then hardened it with some dips in the forge till it was non magnetic and then just a little bit brighter, dipped in oil. Tempered on a hot piece of steal till straw coloured. Seemed to take a nice edge (definitly sharp enough to cut meat). Made the sheath out of a scrap of elephant hide. Next a matching fork!



Cheese enthusiast
It has been a barren spell lately for me in the shop, and the only thing I've made lately (base for a fire pit) has such gawdawful welds I'd be ashamed to post pic here. :)

Once I'm back in the swing of things, I'll join you too. Love the bbq knife idea btw.