Heel issues. What are your thoughts


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I got this one from a friend that found it and thought of me!

Lightly used and when I went to hone it I noticed that the heel grind is different from one side to the other.

Some of it may be from honing but then again not all vintage razors are perfect.

I think I need to round the heel off before I go further.

What is your opinion?


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I had that issue with a razor my son gave me(a new one but maybe not the most expensive). Since it just needed a touch up to make it shave I simply just avoided honing all the way to the heel. I'm sure eventually (but not in my lifetime) it will develope a hook and have to be dealt with by someone. I'm just not interesed in doing what it would take to even out the stabilizer.


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I would knock the heel down a little, you only will need to do it once. It also looks like it’s not ground symmetrically but functionally speaking it only needs a tiny correction.


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I sanded the heel back a bit did 1K 4K 8K then the PHIG.

Stropped on diamond, fire hose and then leather 60 each.

A little burn with the Clubman Vanilla.

I have a feeling that after a week or so of stropping on leather 20 a day it will work in nice.

If it lasts that long as the one I use as I have many others to play with!

Victor Creazzi

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Interesting. Since that was almost surely ground on a double wheel grinder, the only way I can see it happening is with wheels that didn't match thickness or were misaligned. As such I wonder how many were ground that way before the mistake was caught.


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I have a Japanese razor that must have pulled out of the cull’s, it’s so out of symmetry that the contact points on the hone are visibly uneven, maybe 2mm. Otherwise it’s beautiful. As far as I can tell it’s NOS and I haven’t honed nor shaved with it. The factory edge looks damaged or at least oxidized to some extent.


I have had razors in hand with the same uneven grind. It did not change the shave and just a wee reshape of the heel and it will hone easily.