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Discussion in 'Site Feedback and Questions' started by geezer, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. geezer

    geezer Member

    I have been a member here for a while. I notice there are very few people posting on the threads. The owners are giving us another forum to learn from and teach others. They added photo posting a while back and it works. Some of the posts are not anywhere else. Let us return their confidence by making this a great place to visit. An extra few minutes a day to be here is not a big chunk of time.
    ~Richard / geezer
  2. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Richard, Thx.
    We do offer the place with the hopes that people find it worthwhile to post.
    I check in daily but of course we need multiple people to keep a conversation going.
    It doesn't matter if it is in the chat room or the forge section: as long as people post, the place will be alive.
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  3. geezer

    geezer Member

    I agree, As Mike Blue said there are many ways of doing things and one set of apparel does not fit occasions. I want to learn!
  4. Gasman

    Gasman Show me that again!

    Im with ya Richard. I dont alway post but i check-in often. I will try to post more. This is a great group, i just dont know much when it comes to the experiance of the folks here.
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  5. verndahl

    verndahl AKA tintin

    I'll do the same. I am in the process of getting what i need to pursue some razor and knife making (all be it rather primitive compared to most of the others) so i'm sure i will have lots of questions. I do appreciate the vast knowledge available here and would hate for it to fail.
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  6. paul76

    paul76 Member

    Even primitive Can work good. My setup has been a home made paintcan propane forge a railroad track anvil, a 25 pound cast steel anvil, some basic harbor freight hammers and large needle nose pliers. I started on making a set of tongs and been working on getting the shape of both halves close to identical before riveting them. But I’m having fun practicing.
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  7. geezer

    geezer Member

    That's what I'm taking about..Doing things differently/ successfully and passing the new way on. I'll never see more than few of the goodies now available to the hobby/ business. Bring them on!!!
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  8. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Primitive is ok.

    My first forge was a volcano type thing I made from an old bbq, using cement, kitty litter and wood ashes.
    My first 'grinder' was one of those little floor sanders that I had mounted upside down on a table.

    Most of us start primitive. It's a process of using what you have, and then selling what you make, to buy better stuff. The onyl expensive thing I bought was my first 2x72" grinder after my wife told me to stop waffling about and just buy the damn thing (because I don't spend any money on anything else).

    Even so, if it had not been for that, I would have made some more stuff on my cheap equipment and bought it a bit later.
  9. DoughBoy68

    DoughBoy68 New Member

    I guess I really need to post more often too as I've been doing this straight razor thing for 10 years and have a lot of useful info for new and old shavers. I've been pretty busy since its now summer which means lots of outside chores but I'll make an extra effort to spend more time on here as its another great forum for straight razor shavers.

    Thank You Bruno and Glen for starting this web site!
  10. Ernie1980

    Ernie1980 New Member

    This site is new to me, but shaving with a straight is not! We need to spread the word and get more people in here:)
  11. geezer

    geezer Member

    Yes, spreading the word is important; more important, is assuring that it is spread to the right people!

    Seen too many forums trashed by idiots with fasbuk attitude and no responsibility
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  12. DoughBoy68

    DoughBoy68 New Member

    Right on Richard! We nearly lost another very important site for the same reasons..............
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  13. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Yes. The more we can get people to participate, the more fresh content there is for everyone to read and respond to.
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