Hones You've Outgrown/Moved Away From... What now?

Discussion in 'Hones and Honing' started by Prahston, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. tcrideshd

    tcrideshd Head Bouncer

    Me and you both Tom, that is why I do this , I just want to shave, it's also why I parred down my razor stash, if I don't shave with them they are just collecting dust. Know I know you like collecting, and I still do but it's the brushes that have me hooked, oh and now I,m loving old nos shell strops, man that's another hole to fall into. Tc
  2. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Have you ever been at Lynn's place? He has tons of everything: brushes, scuttles, fragrances, ...
    His basement is like a shaving supplies warehouse.
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  3. niftyshaving

    niftyshaving New Member

    Not as big a box as Glenn but I have way too many and do not feel qualified.

    Each time I plan to unload some I pull them out lap them flat again and give them a test drive.
    Each time I learn something that makes me keep them.
    It turns out that the care I give when doing an A-B compare reminds me of all the lessons
    I have learned and then a light goes on and the old rocks yield a better shave than my current
    Lighter touch, circles, no circles, single handed, two hands, slurry, no slurry, dilution,
    running water, magic marker, cork, dull on glass or the corner of a hone, pyramid method.
    And then I review my lathering... brushes and a new soap.
    Oh and strops..

    Since I have only one face and more than a handful of open blade razors it takes a while to convince myself
    that I have settled on something worthy. Then I try another A-B test and all bets are off.
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  4. niftyshaving

    niftyshaving New Member

    Well while you are deciding give them all a retest as if they were new to you.

    My pile of rocks is getting out of hand and I was thinking of parting with them.
    Then I tried them all one more time and I learned that I have a marvelous pile of rocks.

    My old 12K Naniwa is now used under a gentle flow of water to refresh my shaver.
    I no longer hone my shavers just refresh them.

    I found a problem with one razor and pulled out a 25 year old kitchen combo hone
    and made short work of that problem. The muddy red 1k side gave a rather nice shave
    considering and made short work of the 250 grit scratches of the flip side.

    Each time I rotate through a set of razors or hones I seem to learn something
    that gives me a better shave... Even the coticle I have had for about 50 years
    keeps teaching me.

    I look but no longer buy man made hones. I think I have that base covered (HAD still lurks).

    If you happen to have a long white set of whiskers and are looking for some place to ....
    On reflection, no never mind that would be just feeding my HAD so enjoy the cookies and fly on to someone in need.
  5. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    At some point I started out on that path, but I sold my naturals when I discovered I hadn't used them in a couple of years.
  6. Shawn

    Shawn New Member

    I had a 1k/4k combo, 5k and 8k Naniwa superstones, and a Chinese slate that I started with.

    Tried a Coti and little Ozuku that were lent to me because I was struggling with the slate. I struggled a little with the Coti, but the Ozuku chose me and I got some great edges from it. The lender very generously made me an amazing deal on it so it became mine.

    A little while down the road, that same person who had become a mentor for my honing experience gifted me a beautiful Narutaki stone. That is now my go-to finisher. He also got me to buy some Shapton Pro stones in 2k, 5k, and 8k.
    That has become my full progression. Shaptons, to slurry on the Narutaki, to water on the Narutaki.

    The Naniwas and slate I ended up trading away to someone wanting a starter set-up.

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