Howard Clark sword


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It has taken more years than I though possible, and 2 times I was convinced that I'd never see it again.
But I just got word that the sword I bought in 2015, and which was sent to be mounted in 2016, is ready.
I'll post pics of the blade itself when I get it.

I bought the sword itself from Howard. It was already polished. I traded him a damascus razor for the fittings, and then had someone else mount it. It is looking absolutely awesome. Everything I pictured it to be in my mind!



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Oh, found his website and answered some of my own questions. Still looking forward to more images.
It is not a vintage sword. Also it's not one of his L6 bainite swords or 1086 swords.
Years ago, Howard also made damascus swords. This is one of them. I think it's 1086 / L6 but not sure.
It's not etched like a normal knife, it was professionally polished which also brings out the pattern, but much more subtle than the typical dark / light damascus etch.


That’s a really nice sword. I hope it gets a prominent display space in your house, so every visitor gets to look at it in awe.