I bought a power hammer!!!

Discussion in 'The Forge' started by Bruno, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. 32t

    32t Member

    I get into more trouble with my neighbors in the country because of loud noises than the ones in the city.
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  2. Gasman

    Gasman Show me that again!

    Well, If you would quit firing off the Canon 32t.
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  3. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe you didn't have so much space where you could make noise :D

    In any case I had a chat with my neighbor today and I explained that I appreciated her telling us when it's a nuisance and she told me she had no proble with me using the hammer. I think we both understand the unspoken rules to keep each other happy. They don't mind me using the machine as long as I take care not to be an ass about when I use it.
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  4. 32t

    32t Member

    I have 35 acres and two neighbors that have built their houses on top of the hill above me. They are the type of city people that build a place in the country and complain if the neighbor farmer spreads pig manure on his fields.

    I am thinking about building a forge there this summer. No electricity within 1/4 mile and the creek isn't large enough for a water wheel so a power hammer would be hard to do! :D
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  5. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    You can run it from a generator. And then put them behind a solid wall so that the wall acts as a reflector for the noise from both in the direction of your neighbors :p
  6. RezDog

    RezDog Member

    There is different ways of building fences as well so they scatter the noise as opposed to reflecting it as well. I am no expert on the subject but I am certain the internet knows all the details.
    At a seasonal place a genset is often much cheaper than a hydro line running in. Off grid living can be fun and we are just coming around to having great options in the market place.
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  7. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    I prepared several billets today. When you have a power hammer at your disposal, you want to make efficient use of the forge. There is really no point in working on a single billet because you hammer it out in 10 minutes, but you need a significant amount of fuel and time to get the forge ready at welding heat.

    So regardless of what I am actually working on, I plan to have stacked billets prepared so that every time I have the forge at welding heat, I can weld and draw them all and build up a stock of damascus.

    Today I made 6 stacks. Top to bottom: The next step in the meteorite damascus project. The 3 bigger billets are 9 layers of O2 and 15N20. And the bottom ones are the ones I made last time. That's 4 times 7 or 9 layers.

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