Kitchen knife

Here is an experiment/knife I made for myself. I have tried several shapes and thickness of metal, this is the first one I am super happy with the performance of, It works well with vegetables.

I made it out of 1/16" 1095. I normalized a bunch and thought I got all of the warps but it still went full banana during the quench. It took three times straighting while tempering to get it straight. The handle is chunk of hickory from a broken hammer handle.

Thanks to the advice from Joe Calton and Darrin Sanders, I am slowly getting better at flat grinding flexible thin things.



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No plate between the shoulders and the handle, from the looks of it. How did you avoid a gap where the tang goes in the handle?
I find grinding thin stock much more difficult than working with a forged blank, because the forged blanks will always have the geometry I want, and I just need to grind the surfaces flatter and thinner. The angles are set by how the shape was forged. Every time I tried grinding the geometry in a thin piece of steel I end up with shallow places. It's more difficult than you'd think initially.