Leather strap cutter and edge burnisher


AKA tintin
Just finished a couple more Christmas presents for my son the leather worker. A Black walnut and brass strap cutter (with hand forged screw) and a black walnut,brass and antler edge burnisher.
The strap cutter is based on a store bought cutter that i have had for years. I made some improvements on my custom model, making it more user friendly.


here's the working end of the burnisher. I Found a antler tip in my box of tips (not sure what it's from but it didn't seem to have the pithy center like one from a white tail) wish i had more.
Here's a working picture of the cutter.

the blade is from one of those cheap disposable indexing type box cutters. I tried a DE blade and a injector type blade but the edge seemed too fragile.


Vern, you're doing thoughtful and well executed projects! I've used similar items over the years and your tweaks are especially nice! I like the extra thicknesses you have added to the burnisher!!!
Thank you, and I wish you a very pleasant holiday!