Making vintage washers

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    Thanks to Aj we have a source of dome washers for our projects. Here is a simple way to give them the antique look and feel with a Dremel and mandrels
    Using the Dremel mandrels with the very fine threads (~= to .072) And filing the outside of one down to about about an 1/8th inch we have file/knife supports for making a couple grooves in the washers. I used the blade of an Xacto knife to get close but a very sharp cornered file could do the job.
    Do the outside diameter first and then the smaller diameter.
    The old blade in the photo has the final bit. I sued a 15ga/4D steel nail for the pinning. Solid brass would also work.
    Have fun!
    PS. This should work to make larger ones from decorative beads using small diameter washers and the mandrel set screw for the diameters of the grooves.
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