New boulder


I finally got the chance to get this one home. I got to borrow it a few years ago to try out, but wasn't in a position to be able to keep it. Thankfully my honing mentor was still willing to let it leave. It is a very dense hard Asagi from the Narutaki region, and an excellent razor finisher. (Fairly certain of the region, but I could be mistaken.)
I'm fairly certain that I'm never going to wear this one out.





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I always wonder: some of these super expensive stones are very hard and need a softer rubbing stone. So how much of the honing is nagura, and how much is stone?


The nagura are like using different grit synthetic stones. When you use softer nagura to make a slurry on the hard stone, you are honing with the grit in the slurry.
Once you get through the slurry and to clear water, you are now just using the stone itself. This one is almost like using a hard Arkansas stone. It has a similar density and is very fine. Almost as glassy as a good burnished ark.