New Naniwa Bricks


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Made these recent rock purchases I note these are more for knife work and possibly some razor roughing out if required
first is Naniwa 150 grit New Omura 210x78x55mm thick (grey)
Secondly a Naniwa 600 grit Akamonzen 210x75x70mm thick (red)
Both are true blricks but should last a while I think

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considering how big they are once their fully soaked they last a bit, but do need a little splash to keep them wet every couple of minutes or so


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Naniwa Aotoshi 2K Green Brick is one of my favorites especially for kitchen knives.
If I thought I needed a stone coarser than the Naniwa 400 grit I just bought (50% off did not realy need it)
I would ask where to find these.