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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Bruno, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Grilled sandwich with bacon, pickle and old cheese.

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  2. 32t

    32t Member

    When you say "old" do you mean age or is that a type of cheese?

    I bought a big chunk of Jarlsberg the other day and that is an interesting cheese!
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  3. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Old refers to the age. For the plain 'put it between a sandwich' type of cheese, there are 3 common ages: Young, ripe, and old. The older they are, the stronger the taste.
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  4. 32t

    32t Member

    I love Cheddar and have experimented with age. I am not complaining about price because I can understand the cost of storage. I have tried 0 to 20 years and have decided that 8 and maybe 10 years old is about the best bang for the dollar!
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  5. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    I have some 10 yr old in the frig now. I will bring it to rolodaves razor meet. :)
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  6. petercp4e

    petercp4e Focus to Win

    That looks great.
    The bacon doesn't surprise me.
    I love good cheese.

    Pete <:-}
  7. 32t

    32t Member

    I had a fun dinner tonight. I have a friend that lives about 85 miles away and we heard about a place to eat close to halfway in between. A place in a small town that if you would blink while passing through you might miss it.

    By itself the Spatzle was great and worth the drive and to top it off he paid the bill!
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  8. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    This morning I had little meatballs that were prepared with the mustard already inside at the center. Never knew it existed but good stuff.
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  9. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    This was a guilty pleasure: After diner, taking tablespoon sized scoops of mashed potato with carrot, and then scooping chicken grease from the pan after having fried chicken. And not quitting until all the grease is gone. Because I'm a pig. And now I'm a happy pig. :D
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  10. 32t

    32t Member

    After going to a family get together yesterday I visited the Scandinavian meat market in that part of town. I don't get that way often and when I do and they are open I tend to buy a bunch. I bought some Spekekjott and other things and noticed another gentleman buying a case of canned Fiskeboller. Fish meat balls.

    I don't remember eating these before at least the Norwegian version so I thought what the heck lets give it a go.

    The butcher after I asked him how so you cook those things answered fry them in butter. Anything is better fried in butter.

    I gave it a try with a few in regular butter and then my wife said try them in that Ramp butter in the red canister on the counter.

    The regular was good but the Ramp butter was excellent!

  11. 32t

    32t Member

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