Pigging out


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So how about the indulgences for when we pig out.

If we talk about non bacon snacks, for me this is it: spicy peanut butter sauce with prawn crackers.

The sauce is peamut butter, a bit of brown sugar, a bit of lemon juice, a load of hot chili paste, and a bit of water.

The crackers are just a convenient way of scooping it up.



Pork rinds with tabasco, dipped in ranch flavored sour cream dip is my late night goto.

My shopping list tonight......

Spicy pork rinds and French Onion soup dip. :rolleyes: I will bring them to work tomorrow and someone will have some Ranch in the refrigerator. Have fun during break.

And then some beef shanks for Portable Soup. I will start that tomorrow after work.


I have exceeded my calorie intake for the day.

Audra brought in a big pan of breakfast bake to work this morning.

Left over hot dish for lunch with spicy Pork rinds and French onion dip. The dip covered the taste of the pork rinds but then again I probably dipped to much dip.

A contractor was trying to influence us by bringing in some holiday pies. An extra large piece of lemon meringue

Assorted cookies and nuts related to the holiday season.

I am now sitting here smelling pork chops and fried noodles etc. that my wife cooked for supper and I don't want to insult her good cooking but I may have to pass.



Pork rinds with tabasco, dipped in ranch flavored sour cream dip is my late night goto.
That is a good one and fairly common at my house.
I bake a mean carrot cake. The trouble is all the sugar.
At this point in my life the pork rinds are a more healthy choice.
Pickle soup is good. I am wondering how historically correct your portable soup is going to be Tim.


Various portable soup recipes but I am going to use the most basic I found boiled meat in water.

The only thing I see that is not historically correct is that I am doing it in an electric slow cooker.