Portable or Pocket soup


I read about this and for some reason I just had to try to make some.


3.7 lbs of beef shank

Enough water to cover it in the slow cooker.

I almost didn't add anything else but I like black pepper and had 1 to 2 tsp left in a bag so I tossed it in. Now I have an excuse to open the new bag the next time the grinder runs low!

I started it at 18:10 tonight and I leave for work around 06:00 tomorrow. I have it set at 2 for our cooker that my wife recommended. After it cools she will deal with it to skim the fat and remove the solids in the middle of the day. Then we will start evaporating it sometime in the afternoon and hopefully it will get to the finish and critical stage sometime during the day on Saturday.

That's the plan. Now lets see how it works...

Starting out.



Hard to get a good picture but my soup is about a 1/16 inch sludge on the bottom of the slow cooker and in the porch to cool.



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Ok it may fail from the 'portable' pov, but I am willing to bet that that would work absolute wonders as seasoning in your soups and sauces.


It has a good taste. Very strong and concentrated.

It tastes like a bullion cube in a way but it has no salt etc. added.

It has thickened up a good bit after sitting on the paper for a day


I tried to skim or cut it off the parchment paper tonight.

It is drying and getting better but I will wait now until tomorrow.

37% RH in the house right now.


I put it Wednesday on a wire rack and it for lack of a better term melted through.

I scraped it off and put it on a paper plate.

Tonight after 3 days or so I scraped it off the paper plate and flipped it over it is getting close to the consistency
of leather as mentioned in one video.

I might try it again on the screen tomorrow as it seems like it won't sag.

edit for day on rack.
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that's fascinating stuff. Seems curious why your consistency varied from that of the video . Either way it seems like it should be some concentrated bouillon. How many pots of soup would that make?


Maybe I just chickened out before I stopped simmering it? It was thick in my opinion though and was afraid of burning it.

I didn't measure the volume of water that I started with but it was from 3/4 to one gallon.

I suppose it would reconstitute back to that amount.


I think that the use of a bone in the making of soup stock makes the broth gel when it is cold. Bones are also used in making gelatine. Perhaps it is less gel like because you meat was lacking in bone and tendon, ligament or cartilage.


I am wondering at the moment if I should have boiled it at first to cook it and then reduced it at to simmer to reduce it.

I simmered it the whole time.