Small kiridashi (marking knife)


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This is what happened while goofing off. It's a kiridashi made from an end piece of O2 and 15n20 damascus.

I worked on it on and off, usually while waiting for something else. The cream colored scale is mammoth ivory. Originally i was going to use bone. However i never ever throw away mammoth scrap, and this piece was exactly this size, left over from a previous project so i decided to make use of it.

I just need to add some storage scales to make sure it can be stored safely. That point is pretty delicate.

It is 1 sided, meant for right handed use. The other side is flat and has no scale attached to it because that might interfere with using it



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it is beautiful work. love the way the bevel displays the pattern depth. for me, the ivory seems out of place. but what do I know?
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Some people love the ivory. Some don't
That's why i didn't make a full cover, but just a sliver to add some thickness to it.


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The ivory adds a sort of decorative element i think. Would like to see how you do the edge guard. A bit of ivory on the guard would bring it all together.


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I am thinking a small olivewood plank, with ivory over the edge, a circular nub of ivory to fit inside the lanyard hole, and a leather cord with a small ivory toggle at the end.


My niece uses one quite a bit for the fine details in her large carvings. It looks like it should be on the list of tools to start with. I have been having trouble getting moving. Other things in life have been getting in my way. I do appreciate all the work that gets showcased here.


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Today I finally got around to making the furnishings for this blade.
I had a concept in my mind, and the challenge was to do what I had in mind, using nothing but little Ivory off-cuts.
I am pretty happy with the result.

When the blade is mounted, the entire edge is protected by an ivory cover.
The tip itself is not touching anything.
The leather cord is glued into an ivory plug that is drilled into the board. The leather cord holds an ivory toggle that can be used to lock the blade to the board. When that is done, it has no wiggle room at all. And the end of the cord has a little toggle as well just because.

Now... was this all necessary? No, probably not. But it was fun :)