Thanks for creating this forum ..

Discussion in 'Get togethers and meetings' started by Randolph Tuttle, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    Thanks for creating this forum.

    I will be talking with Charlie Lewis this week about setting the date for the 2019 Straight Razor Workshop. Right know I am considering Feb 20 or Feb 25 since that will be after Valentine's Day and after Presidents Day.
    All suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks to Pete for the suggestion of starting on a Monday. That would enable people to travel on a weekend thus having less conflict with their job. Following that reasoning it looks like Feb 25 would be best.
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  2. 32t

    32t Member

    Many that show up are retired but for those of us who still have to work starting on a Wed and ending on Sunday or starting on Saturday and ending on Wed would be better to be able to take time off than Thurs through Monday.
  3. Gasman

    Gasman Show me that again!

    I couldnt even thinkvabout making plans a year in advance. Maybe in Dec. I could plan. Wow!
  4. petercp4e

    petercp4e Focus to Win

    It seem like some of the working guys like Bruno, Tim and maybe others prefer a starting day for the meet during the week.
    Maybe the best way to approach this is to first find out who the people are with concerns related to the day of the week that the meet starts, or the date, and see what the most popular suggestion from that group is.
    A simple poll would probably be the best way to find out who has no preference at all, and the others who might have job or family related issues.
    Then let the group pick the most viable option.

    Put me down for no concerns at all related to the start date or day.

    Food for thought

    Pete <:-}
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  5. 32t

    32t Member

    My thoughts were just a suggestion. Many places that I have worked and have known you have to put in for vacation by the first of the year for at least the first 6 months of the year if not the whole year. At that time seniority etc. rules. If after that time a day or week is left open then you may be able to get it on shorter notice but no guarantee. Also much easier to get a Monday through Friday off than a mix of two weeks.

    Just my experience!
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  6. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    A poll sounds like a good idea.
    But before I create a poll let's start by getting some suggested dates.

    I will start this by suggesting
    Feb 20th
    Feb 25th

    Now look at your calendars and suggest some other dates please.
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  7. petercp4e

    petercp4e Focus to Win

    I'll let the guys that might have a preference do the suggesting.
    Both work great for me.

    Pete <:-}
  8. Gasman

    Gasman Show me that again!

    I'd vote for when the weather is perfectly warm. But, sence I live in CO, I bet any time there will feel good. April?
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  9. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    April ? No way ! :)
    The impetus for these meets started because by February I had cabin fever so bad up here in Minnesota that I called Charlie and he said "come on down ".
    So I did and I will continue to do so in the month of February. :)
    You guys are stuck with the month of February ! :)
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  10. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks. February is a great time to be in Texas. For me personally, February is great because there is no risk of coinciding with larger school holidays etc during which I would have difficulty attending. I second Your suggested dates!

    I see that 20 - 25 is wednesday till monday. Is that intentional? I just ask because the past couple of years it started on thursday so I wanted to double check. I'll be there.

    And I will bring some high end stuff to look at. :D
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  11. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    At the end of the day, this is not a group decision but a Randy and Charlie decision. Organizing things by committee never really works.
    I'd like to Thank Randy and Charlie for making this happen and having the vision.
  12. tcrideshd

    tcrideshd Head Bouncer

    I'm with you Bruno, it's up to Randy and Charlie, we must always remember that Charlie is the one who sacrifices his sanity for a week to accommodate us. I only voiced my opinion on getting away from Valentine's Day as much as possible, but I'll be there even if it's back on Valentine's Day. Ultimately it just cost me more money at Jareds if it is and that's just a thing,my ou can't take t with you, cause if they put it n your box, someone will dig you back up for it!

    Randy put me down for what works best, and I wouldn't mind the 20th thru the 25th, or to start on either one. Tim makes a great suggestion though for the guys who still work, spreading it out into the second week s tough for guys taking vacation. But Charlie is the determining vote. Tc
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  13. Sharptonn

    Sharptonn Member

    Also, from what I have seen, it keeps on getting bigger and bigger.
    At some point, a cap on participants seems to be inevitable.
    Safety and sanity-wise!
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  14. Charlie Lewis

    Charlie Lewis Member

    My thoughts in bullet form

    Must haves
    • needs to have a weekend so local-ish driving distance people can come for the weekend
    • Valentines day causes issues
    • cooking, trying to keep things simple
    • growing too big (has not happened yet, but could)
    • money a little less then breaking even
    • Great group of people
    • Good ratio of less experienced to more experienced
    • Grinder and forges setup seemed to work
    • Breakfast at diner
    • I enjoy the hell out of it
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  15. tcrideshd

    tcrideshd Head Bouncer

    I think you hit on all the major points Charlie, for a guy who is a little less than apethetic, you sure can define the situation. Bravo! And yes I enjoy it too. Tc
  16. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Bullseye on all, Charlie. the setup with the weekend is great for local-ish people. There are always a couple who drop by. Valentine has not been an issue for me because we're not focused on that specific day and I always bring gifts back anyway :)

    For me, that trip is my yearly holiday, granted, I take holidays with the family, but this trip is my holiday where I get to have fun every day doing something I love.

    It has worked well so far so I really wouldn't try to futz around with the formula for the sake of changing things. It is worth noting that all the usual suspects keep coming back.
  17. gssixgun

    gssixgun At this point in time .... Staff Member

    Ok now for the Bad news

    The wife said GO !!!!!
    I have been REALLY doing the good neighbor thing so I think I am covered for her getting in and out if it gets bad up here like this year

    So if all goes as planned guess who is coming to Dinner :p
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  18. Randolph Tuttle

    Randolph Tuttle New Member

    Excellent ! I have not seen you since Ashville NC in 2009 .
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  19. tcrideshd

    tcrideshd Head Bouncer

    I guess I'll have 2 riders with me in my truck next year. Tc
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  20. 32t

    32t Member

    Has a firm date been decided on?

    I want to put in for my vacation time.

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