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Personally I was good either way. But since the iphone came up Mia I've been struggling to post photos from this android. But I'll give it a shot. Whichever way us easier is what I'll use. But if it's a post with multiple pics I'll go the image route, so not to hog space
Yeah on my computer, it's fine either way and not a big issue. But on cellphones it is REALLY much more convenient to upload and post pics from your phone, than to upload them to imgur and then futz around with the link etc.


Show me that again!
It give me the option for image url. No other option. Btw, just checked. And that was using my phone and clicking on the picture icon.


Was going to post a pic in Hone of the Day to try this out....Says I cannot post there?
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Oh! It's locked!


I used to have a tool which would resize photos. Need to see if it is still there....
Ok..Got that. So how does the download go? Me no see upload file button?
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Tom, I'm on my tablet. All I did was hit the upload file button and choose where to get the image from.
When I got to the image in my photos on Chrome, I just clicked on it and it uploaded.
Seemed much easier than using Imgur. I got rid of that a long time ago.

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