Two New in from Lee....

Discussion in 'Shaving gear' started by Phrank, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Phrank

    Phrank New Member

    Ha...I get to pop this cherry for this section of WSW....yehaaa!

    Just arrived, these two beauties from Lee, gorgeous Green and colourful Coral...absolute perfection from the master as always.

    Morris & Forndran x 2....:)

  2. Sharptonn

    Sharptonn Member

    This spot is....uh.....for selling stuff, Phrank! Those are sweet!

    How much? :D
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  3. Phrank

    Phrank New Member

    Damn....well I popped this cherry anyway...and they're not for sale....roflmao.....hahahaha.....thanks this is funny....great laugh....:)
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  4. Sharptonn

    Sharptonn Member

    SOLD! sold.jpg :)
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  5. Phrank

    Phrank New Member

    Still up the coffee off my monitor...leave it to me...rush right in and too poor to pay attention....what 30 posts in to stick my foot in it.....:)

    Hilarious Tom and thanks a million for the laugh...I needed that.....:)
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  6. tcrideshd

    tcrideshd Head Bouncer

    Very nice Andrew, what knots? You sure have class when it comes to your gear. Did I mention I have a rubber set #4 being set up with a Shavemac DO1 2 band right now? I didn't even think a minute about it! Tc
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  7. Phrank

    Phrank New Member

    Hey Tc, one is a Finest for some scrub, and the other is a Super Badger, which used to be what Lee called, "Blonde" if I'm not mistaken.....

    You got a #4 with the D01-2 coming...if you like a really scrubby brush, this one will spoil you forever....hands down my favourite brush much so I use it primarily now when I've got a 2 or 3 day beard going, just blasts those whiskers into complete submission, which would be any day ending in, "Y" for you on most things.....;)
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  8. Dave

    Dave ^^^That guy

    Those are some very nice brushes there Phrank.

    Not that I'm jealous or anything.......
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