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Discussion in 'General Workshop Discussion' started by Bruno, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    Not really related to the actual shop, but if you make things and want to have a public image (regardless of whether you sell or not) you need a presence on the internet.

    Up until now I did most on my FB page. I did have a website, but it was clunky and outdated. Basically, I registered my domain names with a local company, and used their management tool to deploy a website using Drupal, which is a framework for building sites. It was a big pain in the ass, so over time I just abandoned it.

    I recently decided to take a new approach, and go with Wordpress. It is meant for people who just want to deploy a website that looks nice and is easy to add content to. And because they also provide hosting, you don't have to worry about software updates, security etc. They all do that. So all I had to do was create the site and point my domain name to it.

    Basically, you just pick a style that you like from a list of options, and you just fill in the empty pages or provide new blog posts. They even have helpful youtube videos explaining everything. One nice feature is that it is possible to link your FB page, twitter feed etc, so that when you make a new post, it not only updates your website, but also posts to your FB page for example.

    Wordpress starts with a free plan, so you can do a lot without paying anything. So if you were wondering about wanting to be visible online but you don't have much knowledge about programming or such, then wordpress may be worth checking out.

    My new page can be found at
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  2. Gasman

    Gasman Show me that again!

    Thanks Bruno. I bet a few folks would be enterested in this. Not really my thing. Id rather hide in the shadows and not be seen. Sorta like Jack the Ripper. Ha.
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  3. verndahl

    verndahl AKA tintin

    thanks for the insight Bruno, Nice website BTW, seems like it should do the job well.
  4. DoughBoy68

    DoughBoy68 New Member

    Years ago I went through all the trouble of creating a web page, which I knew nothing about doing, contacted my internet provider as to how to post it but their tech department couldn't tell me how. What?! I'm paying you for internet service and you can't give tech support? Errrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
  5. Bruno

    Bruno Administrator Staff Member

    I can understand why they react like that. An internet service provider is like a telecoms operator. They make sure there are 'internet roads' to drive on. If you have problems with your car, you don't contact the road construction crew. You contact a mechanic :)

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